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However, Matsos said today: "I think it will be emotional walking back on to the bench.
Everyone right now is thinking of the whole Matsos family.
And Dave Matsos is a great coach, one of the best I've played under.
But Matsos said: "Both Edinburgh and Hull are tough competitors and will be even tougher opponents this weekend.
Sheffield coach Matsos tried to stop him, but Sharp would have none of it.
Robby Sandrock struck yet another screamer from the blueline to make it 3-0 and 59 seconds later David Matsos scored from close range.
Like most of the players who are returning for the second or even third time to Belfast, there was several factors that encouraged Matsos to come back to Northern Ireland.
Former Devils'' player Dave Matsos is the Sheffield Steelers coach and says: "The first goal in tonight's second leg at Nottingham is the biggest one, absolutely massive.
Steelers coach Dave Matsos hailed it "a perfect game" for his side.
Steelers coach Dave Matsos added: "Guys are going to go but they are going to go for the right reasons.
Elite League officials have investigated the incidents this week after Matsos said: "Randy Dagenais was very lucky to escape a serious injury.
Tony Hand finally scored but, despite Cardiff's 18 shots in the final period, only Dave Matsos scored to take the game into overtime.