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MATVMaster Antenna Tv
MATVMaster Antenna Television
MATVMulti-Axis Thrust Vectoring (aviation)
MATVMothers against Teen Violence (Dallas, TX)
MATVMail Across the Void (web-based delivery service)
MATVMilitary All-Terrain Vehicle
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Though still tied to a vehicle, the system can run upwards of 24 hours (fuel being the limiting factor), and provides the same network capabilities as the MATV platform.
As of August 2011, 7,147 MATVs had been delivered: 2,672 via direct airlift, 265 via driving, and 4,210 via multimodal operations.
It has exclusive deals with Celestial Movies, which houses the Shaw Brothers' pics, and MATV, which will show the latest from Mei Ah's film library.
It features devices offering signal integrity in such RF applications as MATV, CCTV, and GPS.
Sasco Data Systems is a turnkey systems provider with experience in design, installation and integration of low-voltage requirements including, telephony, high-speed data, audio/video, CCTV, CATV and MATV.
The F-16 MATV effort was justified as a way to gather data for the Air Force PACIR (Propulsion, Aerodynamic Controls Integrated Research) program.
The system, linked to cable TV tuners, a satellite receiver and MATV distribution equipment, provides for global learning or distance-access programs such as foreign language news broadcasts, interactive satellite programs, the TI-IN educational channel from Texas for staff and student development, access to national and local cable news programs, and current event sources such as CNN and The Discovery Channel.
MRAP and MATV have provided a soft landing for some supply chain participants, but the industrial base will be challenged for several years.
Based on Damens successful and proven OPV series, the MATV is a very versatile ship.
Bryant explained, while providing the protected mobility of Oshkosh's MATV family of mine resistant ambush protected vehicles, in a smaller package.
Increased MATV, fuel, expeditionary housing, and other essential delivery to Afghanistan
Offering viewers the ability to receive broadcast signals directly in their apartments using a local indoor antenna, HDNs can provide a cost-effective alternative to the costly and disruptive process of replacing each MATV system in every building.