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MAUAMount Allison University Archives (Canada)
MAUAMember of the Association of University Administrators (UK)
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Although he gave no distribution information, he later reported the subspecies from Maua in Kilimanjaro Region (Poisson 1963).
Wheat seeds were grown in Maua da Serra (23[degrees]54'00"S and 51[degrees]13'00"W, at 1,020 m above sea level) belonging to four wheat seeds lots, cv.
Tupy has more than 7,500 employees and a production capacity of 551,155 tons per year of cast iron components in its two manufacturing facilities in Joinville and Maua, Brazil.
LPN in the US) in 1973 in a Methodist mission hospital and school of nursing in Maua, which at that time was one of the few opportunities for her to continue her education.
He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Maua School of Engineering, and in 2009.
Liambila, Wilson, Charlotte Warren, Saiqa Mullick, Ian Askew, Rick Homan, Ibrahim Mohammed, Robert Ayisi, Margaret Gitau, Josephine Kibaru, Mary Gathitu, Judith Maua, Helton Jilo, Juma Mwangi, John Njoroge, Anthony K.
c1330 citation) ONAC 15,14,1,3 (stream in Turkey) MAUA 13,1,21,1 (pp in Angola) CU 3,21 (cow, cue) SAGO 19,1,7,15 is an odd number regression NARE 14,1,18,5 is a 3-step regression
Stepping out onto Maua Square," Castro writes, "he glanced up into the night sky, and up there, far away, Jesus Christ arose from nowhere--gleaming, upright, hovering, with arms open over the city.
Louisa Maua, delegate at Hardi's Wyoming Nursing Home in Summer Hill, recommended the offer to 20 workmates.
Moreover, the deputy minister for Infrastructural Development, Maua Daftari, revealed in August that Chinese interests will take over management of the Tazara line.