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MAUMMusée Acadien de l'Université de Moncton (Moncton, NB, Canada)
MAUMMovement Against Uranium Mining (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
MAUMMulti-Attribute Utility Model
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Maum Guinea and Her Plantation "Children"; or, Holiday-Week on a Louisiana Plantation.
Maum Vinner nurtured her and fostered her appreciation of nature; Mary Weeks, Maum Vinner's niece, provided a model of sexual freedom and potential escape from the restrictions of patriarchy.
Atlanta Maum Meditation Center New, proven technique cleanses your mind and body, allowing you to discover your true mind.
Maum Patsy taught Peterkin the Gullah language; and, according to many of Peterkin's relatives, she learned to speak Gullah as fluently as she spoke ostensibly standard English.
The MAUM postulates that excess money supply creates inflationary pressures and causes a depreciation of UM rates.
Under the leadership of women's associations from Province Wellesley, Perak and Selangor--notably Zainab bte Abdul Rahman, Puteh Mariah and Saleha bte Ali--the maum ibu came together at the UMNO General Assembly in 1946 as the organisations's Women's Department.
Tomando en cuenta las consideraciones anteriores, se puede presentar la informacion necesaria para el particionamiento en la forma de TMUM, MMUM, MAUM.
Typical of her books were Alice Wilde, The Raftsman's Daughter (1860); The Backwoods Bride (1861); <IR> MAUM GUINEA AND HER PLANTATION CHILDREN </IR> (1862); and The Gold Hunters (1874).
There was a turn-up in the Elite leg when Maum Legend, Newcastle's apparent banker, was turned over at 2-5.
14 (480m): Toolatetosell, Elwick Glory, Honour And Glory, Ulster Idea (M), Maum Legend (M), Pinpoint Lily (W).