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MAUPModifiable Areal Unit Problem
MAUPMovement Against Uranium Project (India)
MAUPMost Acidic Urinary Protein (molecular biology)
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We discussed aspects that influence the robustness of geon delineation, as a prerequisite for transferability and monitoring, and also in relation to MAUP.
With regard to the MAUP, this study examines areal units that are both publically available from the census and being used by other researchers.
MAUP is not in downtown Kiev, with its gloriously ornate pre-war architecture and post-independence hip-urban vibe, but in a sprawling neighborhood congested with cars and the detritus of ongoing construction.
The parliamentary democracy has struggled to develop a state-affirming history necessary to build unity and loyalty, and in 2002, MAUP, stepped in and positioned itself as a torchbearer of Ukrainian nationalism.
officials, including the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, also raised concerns directly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Science and Education, and the country's Embassy in Washington about the anti-Semitic teachings and publications of MAUP.
One of the solutions to minimizing the MAUP impact is areal interpolation, which is a spatial interpolation technique used to disaggregate spatial data available at a coarser scale of analysis to a finer scale of analysis (e.
He urged the Government to address the foreign-funded anti-Semitic activities of MAUP and encouraged the Interior Ministry, the Prosecutor General's Office, and the Dnipropetrovsk municipal government to take appropriate actions in response to anti-Semitic incidents.
Reducing MAUP bias of correlation statistics between water quality and GI illness.
The MAUP specifically addresses two problems associated with using aggregated data for zonal units.
Issues of MAUP consist of either scaling or aggregation effects on the data (Armhein 1995).
First, the traditional choroplethic method is subject to the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem or MAUP (Openshaw 1984), as it does not account for potential variations in density due to scale and boundary effects.