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MAUSMuensters Apple User Service
MAUSMobile Automated Scanner
MAUSMaui Apple Users Society (Puunene, HI)
MAUSMammography Attitudes and Usage Study (est. 1990)
MAUSMicrosatellite Analysis of the Urine Sediment (urology)
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Maus characterizes Shakespeare's treatment of property relations in his plays as a "poetics of property" (15), shaped by the unreal and exaggerated elements of his dramatic art.
These moves have allowed the CUSO to focus more on expanding its participation levels and commercial real estate lending services for credit unions, Maus added.
This year alone, more than 13,000 entries from across the nation were submitted, and the production by Maus Media Group ranked among the very best.
Numerous critical theorists have addressed Maus, its narrative and its drawings, bur now, with the appearance of MetaMaus, Spiegelman himself examines his own work abetted by Hillary Chute, an academic who has written a good deal about Maus and graphic novels.
It has a The Maus SAM 600G automated CNC grinding center with four-tool capacity and a product load/unload time of less than four seconds.
Today, thanks to the implementation of PDM, the Technical Department at MAUS handles all the information regarding parts lists, production orders and supplier modification requests and sends this information to the production and purchasing departments.
According to Maus, the Veriturn VTC is based on its own vertical turning technology and features a cast-iron base, CAD-optimized rigid construction, high-precision linear motion guideways for the X and Y axes, spindle torque up to 5,000 rpm for machining large parts and difficult materials, 18-position tool changing, live tooling on larger models and an available rotary pallet changer.
The Iemma Government will invest $56 million each year to support MAUs,' the Minister said.
New Yorker Maus, along with Scott Engel and Gary Leeds, took on the surname Walker after forming in Los Angeles in 1964.
It's a safe bet Fleming Maus could persuade you to join her.
Bill Maus has a keen eye at poking fun at pop culture, and his art style on this book is much in the vein of the classic Mad Magazine satires, complete with grey art tones and square word balloons.
Its origin can be traced to Maus, the graphic novel that won Art Spiegelman the Pulitzer Prize in 1992.