MAUTMultiple Attribute Utility Theory
MAUTMcGill Association of University Teachers
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The Senate Committee on Women, backed by the MAUT, pushed for employment and pay equity whenever possible, but progress on these issues was extremely slow.
This modification is believed to help ensure consistency between the AHP and traditional MAUT (Kamenetzky 1982; Belton 1986; Dyer 1990; Salo and Hamalainen 1997).
Also the obtained results are compared with the results of fuzzy MAUT.
The comparison results of fuzzy DM methodologies for intelligent building alternatives IB-A IB-B IB-C Fuzzy AHP 2 1 3 Fuzzy TOPSIS 2 1 3 Fuzzy MAUT (Kahraman, Kaya 2011) 2 1 3
The main difference of MAUT from the other multiattribute methods is its usage of utility functions.
MAUT aims to simplify the tasks of verifying assumptions, determining an appropriate mathematical function (the "utility function") to model the DM's preferential behavior, and assessing that function.
The rest of this paper is organized as follows: Multiple attribute utility models are briefly introduced in Section 2 and a literature review for decision making process by using MAUT is also given in this section.
A MAUT analysis of alternatives explicitly identifies the measures that are used to evaluate the alternatives, and helps to identify those alternatives that perform well on a majority of these measures, with a special emphasis on the measures that are considered to be relatively more important (Butler et al.
MAUT is used to assess the decision-makers' preference structure and model it mathematically with a multiple attributes utility function.
In this paper, FST is integrated with MAUT and a fuzzy multiple attribute utility model for intelligent building assessment is proposed.