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MAUVEMulti-Aerial Unmanned Vehicle Experiment (MIT research project)
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Neetu Kishore outside her Mauve boutique in Regency West Mall, Stockton, where she offers a range of treatments and also sells clothes.
The floral anthocyanins from the pale- mauve hybrid were only derived from a cyanidin backbone because there was only one acid-hydrolysed anthocyanin peak released at a retention time (RT) of 31.
However, the gamble, which Paddy Power claim would have cost them pounds 15,000, went awry as the Queen plumped for mauve, the general 4-1 second favourite.
Pink, beige, pale blue, purple, chocolate, cream, mauve, red, black, peacock blue, mint and lime green.
Dad has not only worked out how and when the mauve light would be added to traffic signals, but has composed a (not-so) catchy song to implement his scheme, although he does for-see a few problems getting his idea through Parliament.
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has just introduced its new Mauve Collection -- a must-have for women who want definition and polish without looking overdone.
Opia, nestled in the swank Jia Hotel in Causeway Bay, is appointed in dense and powerful tones of red, mauve, blue, and black that complement the elegant cuisine.
Colorlab's Winter Wonderland collection features cool, crisp, pearlescent tones that illuminate white, mauve and rose inspired by winter's gentle, delicate beauty.
The collection includes Colour Riche Rich Creamy Lipcolour in classic mauve and packaged in a color-matched mauve case, as well as Wear Infinite Long-Wearing Silky Powder Shadow Quads and "Hopeful Hue" Creme Blush.
Some of Morrill's less common favorites, available in limited quantities during the sale, include Erica verticillata, an evergreen shrub from South Africa with feathery green leaves and mauve flowers in summer; and Lepechinia hastata, a dramatic 6- by 6-foot perennial from Mexico, with long, arrow-shaped leaves and mauve summer flowers.
The single-topic genre is obviously doomed to offer less-than-comprehensive takes on history and the world, a shortcoming that Cod and Mauve and How Soccer Explains the Worm acknowledge with occasional winks at the reader.
Most striking are the rectangular mass of the main theatre, clad in reptilian green copper scales, and the mauve hull containing the two cinemas that nudges out into the street.