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MAVMicro-Air Vehicle
MAVMunicipal Association of Victoria (Australia)
MAVMaharishi Ayurveda
MAVMulticultural Arts Victoria (Australia)
MAVMitarbeitervertretungen (German)
MAVMulti Activity Vehicle
MAVMagyar Államvasutak (Hungarian State Railways)
MAVMicrosoft anti Virus
MAVMagni Animi Viri (Italian band)
MAVMen Against Violence
MAVMississippi Alluvial Valley (Arkansas)
MAVMouse Adenovirus
MAVMaschinen Anlagen Verfahren (German: Machinery Processing Equipment)
MAVMars Ascent Vehicle
MAVMicrosoft Application Virtualization
MAVMormon Assault Vehicle
MAVMcAfee Antivirus (security software)
MAVMaximum Assessed Value
MAVMigraine Associated Vertigo
MAVMuseo de Arte Virtual (Spanish)
MAVMathematics Association of Victoria (Australia)
MAVMyeloblastosis-Associated Virus (avian osteopetrosis)
MAVMaximum Acceptable Value
MAVMedium Armored Vehicle
MAVModel Aviation (South Africa)
MAVMaximum Anniversary Value
MAVMalformation Artério-Veineuse (French)
MAVMain Automation Vendor
MAVMiniature Air Vehicle
MAVMeasure-Applicability Validation (healthcare)
MAVModular Assault Vest
MAVMuseo Archeologico Virtuale (Italian)
MAVMid-Atlantic Volleyball
MAVMemory Access Violation (error notice)
MAVMuslim Association of Virginia
MAVMedia Association Blong Vanuatu
MAVM'avina's (gaming)
MAVMaster in Aviation (various schools)
MAVMillennium Audio Visual (Canberra, Australia)
MAVMinimum Acceptable Value
MAVMetaopac Azalai Veneto (Italian)
MAVMagnolia Audio Video
MAVManpower Authorization Voucher
MAVMonkey Attack Victim
MAVMaximum Allowable Variance (package weight regulation)
MAVMultimedia Annotation Vocabulary
MAVMotorcycle Accident Victims Foundation
MAVMenusys Antivirus
MAVMiniature Architectural Visions (Hopewell Junction, New York)
MAVMercury Arc Valve
MAVMéthode Audio-Visuelle (French: Audio-Visual Method; education)
MAVMobility Assist Vehicle
MAVMidwest Airlines Vacations
MAVMarquette Avenue Viaduct (Bay City, Michigan)
MAVMusée Automobile de Vendée (French: Automobile Museum of Vendée; Vendée, France)
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To make sure that the arrival of rice imports will not coincide with the harvest season, the NFA Council has earlier divided the arrival of rice imports under the 2017 MAV into two phases or December 20, 2017 until February 28, 2018 and June 1, 2018 until August 31, 2018.
Also, based on the NFA Council-approved guidelines, the import permit under the 2017 MAV rice-importation program has a validity period of only 15 calendar days from the date of issuance and not for one year as specified in the spurious import permits,' the NFA said in a statement.
While process does not always determine outcome, the fact that MAV remains the standard causes me to wonder if a finger is not on the scale against the alternatives.
MAV director Dr Christine Goodall said: "MAV Interns has given us the opportunity to harness the skills and knowledge of young people and the influence they have over their younger peers to deliver very effective and credible violence prevention lessons.
MAV informs, in a press release that after the searches the trains have resumed the trip.
The question of whether or not the deadline for MAV shipments should be moved forward sparked in-fighting at the NFA Council, with the NFA administrator defying the council majority.
In this research, we shall also make an analysis of HR referring to the anaerobic threshold parameter (relative steady state) in correlation with maximal HR, maximal speed reached in m/sec and MAV levels.
To inform and speed up the design process, the Imperial team built computational models to aid the construction of a test MAV incorporating the pioneering "bat wings".
The MAV IQ range leads the market due to its ease of setup for multi-lane, multi-vehicle, high speed accurate license plate reading.
The robotic system consists of an AGV, a MAV (Figure 1) and a movable control station.
MAV was determined as the minimal velocity eliciting the maximal oxygen uptake (V[O.
The NFA shall accept applications for the import under the 2015 MAV 15 days after publication of the notice.