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MAVAMid-Atlantic Venture Association
MAVAMinnesota Association for Volunteer Administration
MAVAMartin Van Buren National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
MAVAMassachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators
MAVAMen Against Violence and Abuse
MAVAMalaysian Volleyball Association
MAVAManitoba Association for Volunteer Administration (Canada)
MAVAMothers Against Violent Acts
MAVAMoored Acoustic Vertical Array
MAVAMature Adult Voters of America
MAVAMuslim Americans Voter Association
MAVAMidden Actief Vast
MAVAMid-American Volleyball Association
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Michael Fitzpatrick said the partnership between Valley Tech and MAVA is an appropriative reflection of a shared commitment to constant improvement.
Interestingly, MAVA feels that traditional efforts and approach to tackle violence by empowering women to assert themselves has actually isolated and insulated men from the process of transformation and keeps them embedded in their patriarchal mould.
However, MAVA noted (see Career Tech Update June 2003) that this achievement came at a price: CTE students now have a 50/50 split schedule between academics and job training, leaving students at a higher risk of unemployment following graduation because they lack higher-level technical skills.
A spin-off of the Greenfield Public Schools, MAVA accepts students from 148 other Massachusetts school districts including Lowell, Lawrence, Attleboro, Worcester, Boston, Fall River, Springfield, New Bedford and districts on Cape Cod.
Now I, speaking on behalf of many, believe that the state needs to show some flexibility in helping MAVA address a new challenge - surging demand for enrollment.
Originally, the MAVAS was developed on the basis of three explanatory models for aggressive behavior: an internal model, an external model, and a situational model (9,14,15).