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MAVIAMothers Against Violence in America
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For copies of the Media Guide and wallet card, contact the Attorney General's Consumer Resource Center at 800/551-4636, or contact MAVIA at 206/323-2303.
Among them are Abu Fahad Ullah, Abu Bashir, Abu Imran, Abu Mufti Saeed, Abu Abdurrehman, Abu Mavia and Abu Hanjla Pathna.
In the Under13 category first semifinal Zeeshan Malik beat Mavia
Sources told this agency that six culprits arrested from Cantt over the information of terrorist Qaisar Mavia who was arrested from Islamabad.
118, 116 and 117, Rashid Dawlad beat Hammad by 31, the score was 1012, 119, 117 and 116, Mavia Hussain defeated Awais Khan by 30, the score was 117, 119 and 117 and top seed Zeeshan Malik beat Mohammad Saqib Iqbal.
Private TV Channel quoted intelligence sources as saying Hafiz Shakeel alias Mavia, Hafiz Muhammad alias Abuzar and Ahmed Ali alias Chota Ustad were arrested from Rahim Yar Khan while explosive material and weapon were also recovered from their possession.
In the Under-13 category final promising Ahmad Hassan defeated Mavia Hussain in another thrilling final wherein both players were stretched to five sets battle, the score was 12-10, 6-11, 7-11, 12-10 and 11-8.
Afaq Khan beat Falak Sher by 3-0, Zikria beat Jawad Hussain, Jawad Hussain beat Khurhsal Riaz by 3-1, Hamza Adil beat Ibrahim by 3-0, Afaq beat Noor Zaman by 3-1, the score was 12-10, 13-11 and 11-9, Ali Sher beat Fahim Sharif by 3-0, Asadullah beat Wahid Khalid by 3-0, Khushal Riaz beat Muhammad Abbas by 3-0, Dawood Khan beat Ibrahim by 3-0, Muhammad Ammad beat Hammad Hamid by 3-0, Hamid beat Hamid Zafar by 3-0, Jawad Hussain beat Rahim Abbas 3-0, Muhammad Shoaib Khan beat Zikria Sher by 3-0, Malik Muzalifa beat Falak Sher by 3-0, Malik Hamza beat Mavia Hussain by 3-0.
In the Under-13 Uzair Shoukat beat Ghulam Ahmad by 3-0, the score was 11-9, 11-7 and 11-8, Rashid Daulat beat Salman Shah by 3-0, the score was 11-9, 11-7 and 11-8, Zeeshan beat Bilal Ahmad by 3-0, the score was 11-8, 11-7 and 11-6 and Alamgir Khan beat Mavia Hussain by 3-0, the score was 11-9, 11-6 and 11-7.
15000 PM on daily wages for the last nine years, said that there is sparks between players like 13-year-old Mavia, 10-year old Laiba Ijaz and 8-year old Ahmad who are training with him like others in the Qamar Zaman Squash Complex on daily basis.