MAWAMaine Amateur Wrestling Alliance
MAWAMathematical Association of Western Australia
MAWAMiddle Atlantic Wrestling Association (est. 1974)
MAWAMaggie L Walker National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
MAWAMeadville Area Water Authority (Meadville, PA)
MAWAMedia and Arts Watch Association (South Africa)
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Family members said they were in the dark with completely no information about Mawa, who routinely requires medical attention.
Stale or contaminated mawa is one of the major culprits of food poisoning in Mumbai region.
According to Don Nold, project manager for MAWA, construction must be complete sometime in October, according to the terms of the contract.
Nine of those chimps--all at least 3 years old--cracked nuts with stones after watching Mawa demonstrate his skills for a few days.
KAMPALA/HONG KONG: Watching his sons kick around a makeshift ball made from tightly bound plastic bags, Ugandan handyman Jackson Mawa marvels at the way business has improved since he bought a solar-powered mobile phone.
SUNDERLAND: John J Arnett, 23, of Raine Grove, pounds 220; David Birks, 24, of Tatham Street, pounds 190; Michael Bittlestone, 44, of Elms West, pounds 190; George Brook, 34, of Hudson Road, pounds 190; Daniel Clarke, 20, of Argyle Street, pounds 140; Yasmin Graham, 42, of Shakespeare Terrace, pounds 130; John Kilvington, 20, of The Retreat, pounds 120; Mike Mawa, 27, of Azalea Terrace North, pounds 170; Mark Smart, 32, of Athol Road, pounds 190; Chloe Stamp, 18, of Grange Terrace, pounds 40.
Although Likoma Island is only six miles off the coast of Mozambique, it belongs to Malawi and its star attraction, Kaya Mawa Lodge, has been voted one of the world's 10 most romantic destinations by Conde Nast magazine (www.
Its star attraction Kaya Mawa Lodge has been voted one of the world's ten most romantic destinations.
Built on a classic love triangle between Mbatha and Rabeka who have been in love from childhood through adolescence, and the playboy, Mawa, For Mbatha and Rabeka illustrates the glamour and deception of city life.
Night Shyamalan, "Behind the Scenes: Cinematic Success," on The Sixth Sense Bonus DVD, MAWA Film & Medien, 2000 (German version).
His articles have appeared in Studies in Short Fiction and MAWA Review.