MAWDMedical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities
MAWDMinnesota Association of Watershed Districts
MAWDMedium Attack Weapons Detachment
MAWDMaterial Annex/Weapons Dictionary
MAWDMake a World of Difference
MAWDMaximum Acceptable Work Duration (study; Taiwan)
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MAWD allows people with disabilities to pay 5 percent of their income to maintain Medicaid benefits, even if their earnings are above the limits for other Medicaid programs.
The Department of Public Welfare is providing more than $162,000 in grants to 22 grassroots organizations to educate the community about the availability of MAWD and other programs, as well as benefits to employers in hiring people with disabilities.
MAWD was launched in January 2002 and approximately 2,750 individuals are currently enrolled.
We also are evaluating MAWD by analyzing data and conducting a survey among people who participate, those who don't, professionals and advocates about their experiences and how we can do things better," Secretary Richman said.
DPW is implementing a series of enhancements to MAWD to encourage participation.