MAWLMassachusetts Association of Women Lawyers (Boston, MA)
MAWLModel, Assist, Watch, Leave (leadership model; various organizations)
MAWLMighty Athletic Wolverine League (Utah Valley University; Orem, UT)
MAWLMaximum Acceptable Weight Limit (ergonomics)
MAWLManitoba Association of Women and the Law Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
MAWLMagnetic Aircraft Weapons Link
MAWLMid-American Wrestling League (gaming)
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The writer of Hali Meidenhad ("Holy Virginity") extols a reclusive, isolated life over marriage precisely because marriage, a female secular destiny, pushes women away from channels of social power and responsibility, confining them in a social structure indifferent to their needs at best and openly, even legally, hostile to them at worst: "He chides and jaws you, and he insults you shamefully; he makes mock at you, as a lecher does his whore; he beats you and mawls you as his bought thrall and patrimonial slave" (86).