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MAWSMissile Approach Warning System
MAWSMid-Atlantic Weather Station
MAWSMissile Attack Warning System
MAWSMaritime Advanced Warfighting School (US Navy)
MAWSModular Automated Weather System
MAWSModular Assault Weapon System (Splinter Cell video game)
MAWSMultiple Approach Warning System
MAWSMinimum Additive Waste Stabilization System
MAWSMilitary Automatic Weather Sensor (US Army)
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For her kids' sake, you can only hope she backs off relationships until she learns the new rule of MAWS code that we've added just for her.
The MAWS, sponsored by the Electronic Warfare Advanced Technology (EWAT) program, will provide the Navy with advanced and high-performance capabilities for detecting enemy threats.
Under the teaming agreement, Sanders will serve as prime contractor and systems integrator for the development and production phase of the Fast Jet MAWS program.