MAWTS-1Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One
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Excerpt from briefing, Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMLA)-773, MAWTS-1, subject: Lessons Learned, May 2005.
Author's experience while serving as AH-1W division operations officer during Weapons and Tactics Instructor courses and Desert Talon exercises at MAWTS-1, June 2004-June 2005.
Author's opinion, based on his experience as the rotary-wing FAC(A) subject-matter expert for MAWTS-1 and the performance of the pilots and aircraft in conducting the FAC(A) mission.
As an instructor at MAWTS-1, the author flew in AH-64D, F/A-18D, F-16DG, and AH-6m aircraft, an experience that gave him invaluable insight into serving as a CAS and FAC(A) instructor in the AH-1W.
Colonel Marty Post, MAWTS-1 CO, said, "One who was memorable was a Special Forces master sergeant controller who was one of the first to go into Afghanistan.
All flights include a MAWTS-1 instructor, and both inert and live ordnance are utilized.
MAWTS-1 conducts several other courses during WTI, such as an intelligence officers course; aviation ground support and logistics officers course; rotary wing crew chief and KC-130 navigator, loadmaster, flight engineer weapons and tactics instructor course; and enlisted weapons and tactics courses.
MAWTS-1 maintains close, mutually beneficial contact with the aviation and tactics schools of the U.
From these seeds sprang the Tactical Risk Management (TRM) course at MAWTS-1.
The spectrum of flights range from air-to-air versus F/A-18s to helicopter attack missions versus AH-1 Sea Cobras with MAWTS-1, the FRS and various fleet units.
For long-range, deep-strike missions, MAWTS-1 instructors and student aircrews fly north into the ranges attached to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Calif.
He later served with MAWTS-1 as an F/A-18 instructor pilot.