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MAXDBMax Database
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Center (VIC) in Vienna Austria, with MaxDB RDBMS onsile consultancy services, on a call-off contract basis, for specific and critical out-tasked database administration services in support of the UNIDO ICT Operations Team as well as the UNIDO SAP Basis Team.
Then, in order to gain more experience with enterprise-class DBMSs, they learn how to install their own copies of DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and MaxDB.
PharmLog chose the combination of SAP Business All-in-One, SAP MaxDB, SUSE Linux Enterprise and HP infrastructure because it needed a business management system capable of reliably handling the demanding logistics of its business -- up to 1.
The package includes SAP MaxDB, the affordable, simple and reliable high-performing database optimized for SAP solutions, and is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell, a secure, reliable solution at low cost.
SAP MaxDB noticeably helps to lower TCO by helping to reduce system administration time, training and staffing costs.
SteelEye and MySQL will also use this relationship to promote and enhance the protection of MySQL's MaxDB database with SteelEye LifeKeeper.
Talend Partners With Open MaxDB Group to Provide Organizations With Versatile Integration Capabilities for Leading Database Optimized for SAP Solutions
2) xCoupler DBLink links logic controllers to relational databases, including Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, SyBase, MySQL, and MaxDB.
5 supports Oracle, SQL Server, Informix and open source MySQL & MaxDB and runs on Windows, Linux and UNIX ( AIX 5L + HP-UX 11 ).
Each node itself is running an Open Source database such as MaxDB, SAP-DB, PostgreSQL or Firebird.
During the year, MySQL released native PHP and Perl drivers for MaxDB, expanding the functionality, performance and benefits for application developers.