MAXMLMulti-Channel Access XML
maXMLMine Action Extensible Markup Language (action against landmines and unexploded ordnance)
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Using MAXML, a breakthrough multi-channel markup language based on interaction-oriented development, the Curious Networks Continuum product delivers unparalleled usability, protection from costly future development, and complete scalability.
Curious Networks today turns up the power on multi-channel applications development with the introduction of MAXML (multi-channel access XML), the first language designed specifically for the development of multi-channel applications.
Because MAXML uses fewer lines of code, developers also save valuable time.
As more businesses go mobile, MAXML is going to be very important," says Dwight Taylor, Webmaster consultant and developer, who participated in Curious Networks' focus groups and product testing.
Businesses also save time and money through the use of MAXML because they no longer have to worry about recruiting and retraining developers on codes that may soon be obsolete.
The company's full ~ibrary of electronic documents supports all 51 jurisdictions and is available in numerous leading formats, including BSI's proprietary MAXML technology.