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MAXXMaximum Access to Diagnosis and Therapy: The Electronic Library of Medicine (database)
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The GXP 660 MAXX shear is for use on excavators in the 70,000-pound class, and the GXP 990 MAXX is for use with 100,000-pound excavators.
According to Genesis, the 660 MAXX provides cutting forces generally found in shears used on 100,000 excavators, and the 990 MAXX provides the cutting power and speed of shears typically mounted on 125,000-pound excavators.
The MAXX Chair[TM] line features power-activated multiposition functions that help reduce the potential for back injury caused by resident moving and positioning, allowing the caregiver to position the chair in Trendelenburg, tilt-in-space, stretcher, recline, hi-lo transfer, and upright positions.
We have closed almost $200 million with Barclays Capital through HFF and we are thankful for the relationship," said Marc Samplin, vice president and CFO of MAXX Properties.
HFF has arranged financing totaling $221 million over the past 12 months for MAXX Properties.
Barclays Capital closed five loans for MAXX Properties in 2005 plus Palermo Apartments.
MAXX Properties, a family-owned business owns over 13,000 units in nine markets including Washington, D.
Even with the condo craze in South Florida, we decided that the property is just too valuable to sell and will be a long term hold for us," said Marc Samplin, the vice president and chief financial officer of MAXX Properties, the parent company of the owner of Windsor Apartments.
MAXX Properties is affiliated with the Wiener Companies of Mamaroneck, NY.
MAXX International, based in Beverly Hills, CA, retains the right to market the sales of the calling cards through its existing and future distribution channels including its Internet sites, religious stores, religious gift shops and religious publications.
MAXX International acquires long-term global rights in properties of faith and then sub-licenses these rights to existing or new companies that are best suited to market these products of faith worldwide.