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MAYDAY[not an acronym] General Distress Call
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The pilot will declare the mayday to air traffic control and communicate the nature of the situation.
I feel the Mayday Summit has played an enormously important role in getting businesses to think about the bigger picture and keep environmental sustainability at the top of the business agenda.
Mayday, which also runs housing schemes in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, supports anyone needing more than just a roof over their head: people who find it difficult to manage everyday living and need help or support in developing the necessary skills.
Whether you donate or fundraise this Mayday, you're making sure that RNLI lifeboat crews can rescue people in trouble 24 hours a day.
On March 9, IDSA released a project plan to update its Lyme disease treatment guidelines; guidelines The Mayday Project believes already harm patients who are routinely misdiagnosed and unable to obtain medically necessary treatment due to the restrictions imposed by those guidelines.
THE pilot of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 said "mayday, mayday, engine flameout" moments before the propjet banked sharply and crashed into a Taipei river.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Moments before the TransAsia Airways crashed into a river, one of its pilots said, "Mayday, mayday, engine flameout," a Taiwanese aviation official said.
All precautionary measures were taken by the airport authorities when flight has declared mayday mayday emergency request.
The Civil Aviation Authority said its definition states: "A Mayday is a distress call made to air traffic control usually requesting immediate active assistance.
congresswoman gets the support of the Mayday PAC, the brainchild of Harvard prof Lawrence Lessig, which wants to elect candidates who support campaign finance reform.
Amazon's device customer service Mayday is included in the Fire Phone which provides free, live tech support in 15 seconds or less.