MAZMyc-Associated Zinc (protein)
MazMazanderani (linguistics)
MAZMagnetaufzeichnung (German)
MAZMayaguez, PR, USA - El Maui (Airport Code)
MAZMainzer Allgemeinen Zeitung (German: Mainz General Newspapers; Mainz, Germany)
MAZMinskiy Avtomobilnyi Zavod (Minsk, Bielorussia)
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Eight years ago, no one thought we would be reading so much on mobile, and now people are saying the same thing about wearables," said MAZ CEO, Paul Canetti.
This is a breakthrough in the search for sustainable solutions to water shortage globally as a result of shrinking ice caps and lakes due to global warming," said Miran Ellahee, CEO of MAZ Gulf.
Belarusian Ambassador, for his part, pointed out to the importance for boosting economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and exporting part of MAZ trucks and buses into Syria through the credit line.
MAZ was, and possibly is, the world's largest manufacturer of TELs (Transporter-Erector-Launchers) for many of the world's mobile ballistic missiles, from the widely proliferated MAZ-543 used to carry and launch the Scud B through to the recent Topol M's impressive 8-axle TEL.
The MAZ Aviation deal - announced at the European Business Aircraft show at Geneva yesterday - is the largest single deal ever for Airbus corporate jetliners, and comprises one A350-800 and five A350-900S.
Founded in 1905, Hospital MAZ provides treatment to patients injured in industrial accidents and is a leader in the field of Orthopedics, especially hand surgery and microsurgery.
Contact point(s): Gerencia de MAZ ME[bar]tua de Accidentes de Trabajo y Enfermedades Profesionales de la Seguridad Social nA[bar] 11
Most magazine brands also have a significant web presence and yet their native apps typically include only digital replicas of the print," said MAZ CEO, Paul Canetti, "With Fusion, our aim is to converge web and periodical content into a unified brand experience that matches the expectation of the mobile user: getting what you want, when and how you want it.
The two sides agreed on the share percentage in the joint company which is to build MZNT truck and MAZ buses in Syria in cooperation with Minsk Company for Manufacturing Truck in addition to the public and private sectors.
MAZ Aviation chairman Mohammed Al Zeer said: "The kind of private customer that buys a VIP wide body wants the very best, and that's exactly what they get with the Airbus A350 XWB Prestige.
Timed Access, a proprietary MAZ tool that allows free access for users to read an issue for an allotted time, has led to a 4x higher conversion rate from free-to-paid downloads than the industry rate, and a 12% increase in subscription sales.
25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- MAZ, whose publishing platform powers over 1,000 apps across the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore, announces that they are partnering with the National Wildlife Federation to create their apps for National Wildlife Magazine, Ranger Rick, and Ranger Rick Jr.