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MAZALModification of Polytaz
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Mazal 315 W35 LLC was in fact a legitimate company he claimed that not only existed but was the true and rightful owner of 315 West 35th Street.
Pinto Mazal, Jorge (estudio preliminar y seleccion de textos) (1974) "La organizacion juridica de la Universidad Nacional de Mexico", La autonomia universitaria.
Grandma Mazal, of blessed memory, very lovingly hosted our kibbutz children.
Briana Lilly is all smiles after cutting her long blond hair to donate to children in need of hairpieces while stylist Mazal Dabush looks on at Monique's Hair Salon in Tarzana.
Mazal begins with a brief description of what Virgil wrote, followed by a list of the major manuscripts and something on medieval interpretation.
On the ring's bezel there is a three-dimensional representation of a Temple, which may signify either Solomon's Temple or the Torah's vision of the house as a symbol of the mutual life of the married couple) Engraved on the hoop is the Hebrew inscription Mazal Toy (Good luck), an expression that suggests the Ashkenazi tradition.
Mazal of THHP, in Volume 18, Issue 1 (2004), of Holocaust and Genocide Studies.
But dealers aren't expected to sell more than 91,000 cars, according to Diego Portillo Mazal, an analyst at U.
When the seller agrees with the deal, both say mazal und broche (luck and blessing).
Kayu got off to a bright start as a broodmare when her first foal, Rich Verdict, won first time out in Britain before going to Hong Kong where, renamed Mazal, he won consecutive runnings of the Queen Elizabeth Cup.
Passenger Mazal Amsalem saw the gunman through the window and cried out to schoolgirls sitting near her to get down.