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MAZALModification of Polytaz
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Since 2002, Mazal has served as the Peruvian Regional Director for Latin America of the World Intellectual Property Organization Carlos Mazal, VANRELL Pr.
Today we could exchange the concept of mazal with that of genetics.
Ironically, Chetrit had selected Mazel from the Hebrew phrase mazel tov, which means good luck and, incidentally can be spelled either mazel or mazal.
1) Veanse: Pinto Mazal (1974: 19-21, 275-276); Garcia Laguardia
Measurement line design, Proceedings of 45th International Conference of Machine Design Departments, Mazal, P.
Thus it is a surprising matter for Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women Rachel Mayanja to call, in partnership with Director of the Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center Mazal Renford, for a conference in Haifa next November, "recognizing the urgent need to review the impact of the financial crisis on women".
30] Mazal Mualem, Old Habitats Die Hard, Ha'aretz June 20, 2003.
The second section explains fundamental Kabbalistic concepts, including the role of Angels and Mazal in our lives, the structure of the Sefirot, and the character of the Sitra Aachar.
When I mentioned the Karaite wedding ceremony in comparison with the Rabbinate one, Mazal, a married housewife in her forties, replied: "Better?
In addition, noted Ha'aretz commentator Mazal Mualem, religious parties may baulk at the notion of serving under a woman; especially Livni who is no fan of their agenda.
No obstante, la Universidad no constituiria un ente soberano, por lo que estaria sujeta al poder publico en todo aquello que no se refiriera a su orden interno, amparado por la autonomia (Pinto Mazal, 1974: 227-230).
Social worker Mazal Ben-Kasus, who works at a trauma centre in Sderot, said: "People come in here with symptoms including shaking, tremors, sickness, headaches and ringing in the ears.