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MAdMMelissa Auf der Maur (Singer)
MADMMultiple Attribute Decision Making
MADMMedium Atomic Demolition Munition
MADMMultiple Antenna Differential Modulation
MADMManager as Developer Model (nursing)
MADMMartial Arts Death Machine (anime)
MADMMethyl Alpha-D-Mannoside
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Finally, the MADM technique provides a good tool to help define requirement value, normalize alternative performance, and start cost trade-off discussions.
Linear programming method for MADM with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets, Expert Systems with Applications 37(8): 5939-5945.
In fact, the Sharjah Police recorded 40 accidents involving 4WD vehicles and quad bikes in popular desert safari areas in Madm area last year.
MADM art is interrelated with art of the Rational Choice Theory.
It is highly recommended to test other MADM methods for the case and consider a comparison of the results in the future researches.
Mokslineje literaturoje siuloma daug skirtingu MADM grupei priskiriamu metodu, taikomu ekonominiams reiskiniams tirti: AHP, MAUT, UTA, UTASTAR, UTADIS, COPRAS, TOPSIS, ARAS, SAW, ELECTRE, PROMETHEE, MOORA, VIKOR, EVAMIX (Xidonas et al.
Section 2 presents the related work on MADM methods and assessment of indoor environment.
Therefore, the MADM under the linguistic context is an interesting research topic which has been receiving more and more attention in recent years [1-4].
Reference [1],[2],[3] studied MADM problems that attribute weight information is interval number, attribute value is crisp number from various angles.
In order to evaluate alternative system, MADM (Multiple Attribute Decision Making) [4] method, AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) and eigenvector method [4] were used, base on criteria divided into four attribute groups such as cost, time, system and product.