MB5Multiple 5 Bounds
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4 [micro]g/mg) had greater concentrations of SPOM than MB5 (4.
0014), with LS5 requiring the greatest number of samples over the dates (9 [+ or -] 3 grabs per date), MB5 and NV5 requiring fewer but nearly equal numbers of grabs (7 [+ or -] 2 and 7 [+ or -] 1 grabs per date, respectively), and NV20 requiring the fewest (5 [+ or -] 2 grabs per date, n = 12; SD is noted because SE values were less than 1).
KPMG LLP, a professional services firm, has joined the list of sponsors of the MB5 2000 festival for new media, film, music and technology on Sept.
We are enthusiastic about the involvement of KPMG's Digital Media Business Incubator in MB5 2000 as our business is about exploring the opportunities inherent in companies that combine new media, entertainment and technology," said Jerry Brandt, national executive director of KPMG's Digital Media Business Incubator.
Andrew Keen, Executive Producer, MB5 2000 (moderator)