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MBANMunich Business Angel Network (Germany)
MBANMedical Body Area Network (US FCC; wireless communications)
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FCC has specifically invoked the success of MBAN to promote its view
able to draw on the experiences of MBAN proponents as they develop
101) When the FCC allocated spectrum for MBANs, a form
As enumerated and explained in the 2012 MBAN Report: (1)
MBAN devices that operate in the 2,360- to 2,390-MHz band must comply with registration and coordination requirements.
The registration requirement will ensure that the locations of all MBAN operations in the 2,360- to 2,390-MHz band are recorded in a database.
By providing access to spectrum that is free of transmissions from WiFi and other ubiquitous high-powered consumer devices, the FCC's ruling is a key enabler for MBANs.
By eliminating these wires, MBANs could help patients be more mobile, which may contribute to improved patient outcomes and recovery, and enhance their overall comfort.
Infection control: By limiting the wires, MBANs could help reduce the risk of infection and the need for cleaning procedures.
At a presentation announcing the MBANs held on May 17 at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.