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MBANMunich Business Angel Network (Germany)
MBANMedical Body Area Network (US FCC; wireless communications)
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Special-Purpose Dedicated Channels: Automotive ITS, Health WMTS, and MBAN
9 GHz range and medical telemetry in the WMTS bands and the freshly minted MBAN allocation.
MBAN systems could monitor numerous functions, aggregate the results and then transmit the data to a remote location — such as a public or private cloud — for evaluation.
MBANs are small, wearable sensors that can collect real-time clinical information, such as temperature and respiratory function, and aggregate it at a nearby device for local processing and forwarding to centralized displays and electronic medical records.
At a presentation announcing the MBANs held on May 17 at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.
6422 (2012) [hereinafter MBAN Report and Order] (describing the new MBAN allocation).
See MBAN Report and Order, supra note 237, at 6423.
Unlike traditional medical telemetry systems, which require separate links for each function being monitored, wireless MBAN systems could monitor all required functions and then aggregate the results and transmit them to a remote location for evaluation.
With this ruling, the FCC has allocated 40 MHz of spectrum--2360 to 2400 MHz--for use by MBAN devices on a shared, secondary basis.
By providing access to spectrum that is free of transmissions from WiFi and other ubiquitous high-powered consumer devices, the FCC's ruling is a key enabler for MBANs.
By eliminating these wires, MBANs could help patients be more mobile, which may contribute to improved patient outcomes and recovery, and enhance their overall comfort.
Infection control: By limiting the wires, MBANs could help reduce the risk of infection and the need for cleaning procedures.