MBBAMunicipal Bond Bank Agency (New York)
MBBAN-4-Methoxybenzylidene-4-Butylaniline (chemistry)
MBBAMassachusetts Beach Buggy Association (Manomet, Massachusetts)
MBBAMichigan Breeding Bird Atlas (Kalamazoo Nature Center)
MBBAMinnesota Bed & Breakfast Association (Hastings, MN)
MBBAMichigan Beefalo Breeders Association
MBBAMonty Brewster Baseball Association
MBBAMount Baker Beekeepers Association (Washington)
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As many of you know, Judge Smith was a founding member of the MBBA, which was created in 1984 as a result of the merger of the Harlem Lawyers Association and the Bedford Stuyvesant Lawyers Association.
During my more than ten years as Chair of the MBBA, Judge Smith not only regularly attended and participated in the often lively debates during the monthly MBBA Board meetings, but frequently attended many of the events and functions sponsored by both organizations.
Not knowing much about how the MBBA operated then, I assumed that the judges were members of the Board of Directors in name only.
Lancelot Hewitt, presently a member of the Board of Directors of the MBBA.
In addition, the MBBA has had many Board members who have aspired to ascend to the bench and in fact ultimately succeeded in becoming a judge.
For those of us who have been members of the MBBA and MBBASF, we are privileged and deeply in debt for the rare opportunity to associate and interact with Judge Smith all of these years, and for the opportunity to observe his demeanor, hear his words of wisdom, and most importantly obtain a first hand glimpse of a remarkable jurist and man.
State aid intercept: Although debt service is expected to be covered by payments by the district, in the event the district does not make such payments 15 days prior to the scheduled bond payment dates MBBA has a statutory duty to cause the state comptroller to withhold state school aid otherwise payable to the district.
Debt service has been and is expected to continue to be covered by payments of the district, which is obligated to make an appropriation for debt service from available funds pursuant to statute and a special school deficit program agreement with MBBA.
State school aid potentially available for withholding is expected to exceed $40 million annually in fiscal 2003, which covers maximum annual debt service (MADS) on the district's outstanding long-term bonds and estimated annual payments to the MBBA by a wide margin.