MBBMMarga Buana Bumi Mulia (Indonesian company)
MBBMMoving Boundary Box Model (geophysical research)
MBBMMessrs Brandon Business Machines (UK)
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2006) found that plant-available phosphorus content increased in soil amended with MBBM and concluded that this OA supplied adequate phosphorus to barley and rye grass (Lolium perenne) for more than one season with a single application of 500 kg/ha.
Assuming MBBM contains ~8% nitrogen, as suggested by Jeng et al.
As a component of an integrated management system targeting soil-borne pathogens, MBBM, manures, and composts have been used to improve the efficiency of solarisation (Gamliel et al.
For example, the application of MBBM successfully controlled plant parasitic nematodes (Meloidogyine sp.
Products such as fish hydrolysates and MBBM, which have been shown to stimulate microbial activity (El-Tarabily et al.
Several studies have also utilised MBBM to reduce the bioavailability of heavy metals in soil, particularly lead (Sneddon et al.
MBBM was established as a PMDN but not its status has been changed with PMA after foreign consortium of investors from 8 countries took it over.
The HTI is expected to be able to supply PT MBBM with logs.