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MBDMillion Barrels per Day (oil industry)
MBDMinimal Brain Dysfunction
MBDMetabolic Bone Disease
MBDMarketing & Business Development
MBDModel Based Definition (Computer Aided Design)
MBDMurder by Death (band)
MBDMy Brightest Diamond (band)
MBDManagement By Delegation
MBDMordechai Ben David (singer)
MBDMolecular Beam Deposition
MBDMedicare Beneficiary Database
MBDMeteor Black Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh! card)
MBDMember Board of Directors
MBDMagnetic-Bubble Device
MBDMysterious Black Dude (Metroid; gaming)
MBDMidland Business Development (Birmingham, UK)
MBDMusic Book Deluxe (karaoke software)
MBDMaximum Branching Degree
MBDmashed ball diameter
MBD4-(4-Methoxybenzylamino)-7-Nitrobenzofurazan (fluorogenic probe for hydrophobicity)
MBDMarching Band Dork
MBDMake-Buy Decision tree
MBDManual Burst Disable
MBDMakati Business District (Philippines)
MBDMini Bolides Draçénois (French radio controlled car club)
MBDMinimum Block Decoder
MBDMerchant Banking Department
MBDMonths Before Delivery
MBDMind and Brain Dynamics (University of Potsdam, Germany)
MBDMedieval Battle Day
MBDManager of Business Development (various companies)
MBDMalta Business Directory
MBDMortgage Banking Division
MBDMicrosoft Business Division
MBDMental Breakdown
MBDMicro-Beam Electron Diffraction
MBDMotherboard (computer)
MBDMarble Blast Diamond (Marble Blast video game)
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To address the knowledge gap related to the burden of illness of MBD in patients with PC in Canada, we undertook a retrospective healthcare-claims database study in PC patients who had received prior androgen deprivation therapy (ADT).
The MBD peptide sequence can enhance the ability of the mAb to target diseased cells and improve targeting specificity an estimated 3x to 10x fold by binding to the cell surface transferrin receptor and integrin beta-3.
The branch in MBD is four years old and is yet to pick up.
Stools from 8 patients with a corresponding methylated tumor were selected to test the MBD column.
Now MBD works with more than 1,500 clients at least 10 hours in the course of a year and works with another 3,500 budding entrepreneurs from two to 10 hours.
In 2006, MBD plans to expand its CNG program with a third refueling station at their Wyandanch, NY, facility.
MBD consultant Robin Leggett said yesterday: "Irish theme pubs have been done now.
In 2002, MBD became the first private company in the Bronx to convert a portion of its fleet to CNG--and since then MBD has operated 15 CNG vehicles on its Bronx and Manhattan routes.
Cause of Action #1: Tortious interference with a contract: In this action, Oak/Boening alleged intentional and malicious interference by MBD, accusing the Bronx-based distributor of using leverage with brewers to get brand extensions that should have gone to Oak/Boening.
But the 401(k) ran out before Big Mike's sauce could gain widespread acceptance, so he turned to MBD.
Set to open late next year, the shopping center is the culmination of years of perseverance by the MBD to bring safe, affordable shopping to this growing, vibrant community.
The IEA estimates that the Opec's production capacity could rise to 36 MBD, thanks to Iraq's re-emergence as a major global oil exporter after decades of war, terrorist sabotage and UN sanctions.