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MIZFMBD2 (methyl-CpG binding domain protein 2)-Interacting Zinc Finger
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MBD2 expression at week 10 was significantly elevated in the DES group relative to the vehicle group at week 10.
We found a significant increase in MBD2 expression in DES-treated mice at week 10 in the present study.
In addition, DES treatment appeared to significantly regulate the expression levels of the epigenetic modifiers DNMT3A, MBD2, and HDAC2.
And, taking out MBD2 isn't that damaging to other tissues and systems - it appears to be tolerated reasonably well.
Therefore, if we were to have a therapy targeting MBD2, any off-target effects would be limited.
The research team has been examining the impact of MBD2 by creating mice which lack the gene.
Prof Clarke said: "We have to show that if you don't have MBD2 then the likelihood of getting a tumour is much reduced.
We've been trying to develop a drug that specifically targets MBD2 but, unfortunately, attempts have not been successful because it's a very difficult protein.
We think that MBD2 deficiency suppresses tumorigenesis by failing to turn off a number of genes - some these will be important.
The exciting possibility is therefore that colon cancer will be treatable by drugs that interfere with the gene silencing process by targeting MBD2.
DISCOVERY: The molecular structure of the MBD2 protein
The 10K MBD2 RC series offers abundant capacity of up to 300GB(2), which enables the drives to meet a wide range of enterprise applications, from mid-range servers to disk storage arrays.