MBDPMicro Business Development Program (Vermont)
MBDPMinority Bank Deposit Program (US Department of the Treasury)
MBDPMontessori-Based Dementia Programming (Maria Montessori)
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The Economic Chamber of Macedonia believes the present capital of the MBDP is small and insufficient for the bank to be able to successfully complete its legally prescribed responsibilities, as well as the future responsibilities the Government plans and the business sector expects.
The Chamber also believe that aside from recapitalizing the bank with budget resources, the MBDP should also take over certain forms of government aid (subsidies), primarily for infrastructure projects at the local level, writing off or taking over debts, exemption, reducing or delaying utility fee payments, and expanding projects for awarding loans under favorable conditions.
The MBDP provides technical assistance and training to low to moderate income Vermonters planning so they can start or expand a small business.
Critically, these are some of the very skills in which training programs like WSBP and MBDP can assist fledgling entrepreneurs to gain traction.
While the MBDP was created in an effort to eliminate discrimination against minority owned banks, it has since had the effect of encouraging government agencies and corporations to discriminate against non-minority owned banks when choosing which financial institutions to place their deposits.
Stavreski said the project represented a continuation of the first two credit lines distributed by MBDP, adding the third stage of the project focused on supporting the private sector by the Government, thus increasing the liquidity of economy and export.
Few days before the New Year, Economy Minister Valon Saracini announced a new credit line of the European Investment Bank of 150 million euro for the project export factoring, through which exporters will be allowed to sell their claims to MBDP with a certain discount.
Aleksandar Stanojkovski from MBDP says they will not be a competition to commercial banks.
MBDP explained that the situation was being monitored and appealed to SSM to reveal the employers having breached the agreement.
The opposition political parties opposed the adoption of the law on MBDP, contending that MBDP will thus be unfair competition to commercial banks.
Under the legal modifications, MBDP has to hire all the required staff and prepare itself technically to be able to approve loans to businesses by the end of this year.
Usually they demand that certain articles be better explained," says Dragan Martinovski from MBDP.