MBDSMekong Basin Disease Surveillance (Thailand)
MBDSMinimum Basic Data Set (hospital record studies)
MBDSMassachusetts Bay Disposal Site
MBDSModified Bidirectional Decoding Strategy
MBDSMinale Bryce Design Strategy (est. 1968; Australia)
MBDSMetabolic Bone Disease Specialist
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In the first stage of MBDS algorithm, the CCFG is constructed from a static analysis of the source code.
The important features of the MBDS algorithm are listed below.
As MBDS algorithm marks an edge of the CSDG only when the dependence exists, so the transitive problem [17] does not arise at all.
As pointed out earlier, the adequacy of the model was checked by the Ljung-Box statistics Q*, BDS, and the MBDS tests.
In the evaluation of the estimated structural model, two new test statistics, BDS and MBDS, were used.
4 TBBS tert-butylamine 44 TETD Dimethylamine 56 MBDS, MBS Morpholine 128 DTDM, OTOS Cyclohexylamine CBS Dibutylamine 135 [TB.
Other accelerators that can be used are TBBS, which seems to compare favorably with MBDS, CBS, MBTS, MBT, ZBzDC, DPG and others.
In the Research Track, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis MBDS of France came in second for "Ticket Tap" while third place was awarded to Austria's University of Applied Sciences for its "Theft Deterrent System for Skis.
Established in 1988, the MBDS is used extensively by Canadian and international researchers.
Base4 will upgrade MBDS to make it accessible over the World Wide Web of the Internet.