MBERMinimum Bit-Error Rate
MBERMinority Business Enterprise Representative
MBERMolecular Beam Electron Resonance
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With high divorce rates and ever-increasing mbers of people cohabiting (cohabitants have mited rights), it is common sense for people to nsider what their position would be should a ationship end.
Photo: Sandy Hill Pittman, in 1995 photo, was one of 22 cli mbers who survived the blizzard last week.
Actor Arthur Darvill, who plays ar Paul Coates, revealed t even the in cast mbers r e not wed to see sodes ore adts.
This season has been a real success for the newlyformed team, which has brightened up the lives of its mes mbers - all of whom have special needs or a disability.
The Trust aim to strengthen the, not just in terms of mbers but in recruiting people with the skills to mount a future eover bid for the club.
The ibod service gives businesses a free holding website which can boost its presence on search engines, and me mbers also receive access to a forum for networking.
ncient: xcavations the castle the 1930s nd an nknown an holds mbers om the awbridge.
Experts from D-8 central banks, me mbers of private sector industry and other officials will attend the meeting.
Mr Jones, who won the eaton seat as a Tory month, had a six-hour on the government k benches as other new mbers took their turn.
brassy red mbers and opt for a usty colour palette f khaki, olive and amel.