MBFGMariella Burani Fashion Group
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Calze (Golden Lady), Geox, IT Holding, MBFG, Piquadro, Stefanel, and Tod's are listed on the stock exchange (excluding textile companies).
Multi-brand/ F: Multi-brand/ Multi-business Multi-business strategy strategy TABLE 3 The 22 Most Important Italian Groups Brand Portfolio/Price Monobrand Multi-brand Segments, and Origin (owned and on license) Pure fashion houses: HC, PAP, Diffusion, Armani, Dolce & Valentino Fashion Group Designers Gabbana, Versace Industry-backed designers: Aeffe, MBFG, Prada HC, PAP, Diffusion, Ferragamo, Loro Gucci, Diesel, IT Holding, Premium Piana, Zegna Max Mara, Miroglio, Tod's Bridge/Mass Geox (a), Reply Benetton, Calzedonia, Golden Lady, Sixty (b) Source: Pambianco Week 8 (14 April 2008): [4-6].
The merger has been approved by the respective boards of directors of MBFG and Rent-A-Wreck, by JJF Management Services as the sole shareholder of MBFG, as well as by the written consent of holders of a majority of the issued and outstanding shares of both Rent-A-Wreck's Preferred Stock and Rent-A-Wreck's Common Stock entitled to vote thereon, voting together on an as converted basis, and by holders of a majority of the issued and outstanding shares of Preferred Stock entitled to vote thereon, voting as a separate class.
Rent-A-Wreck's merger with MBFG follows its unconsummated attempt to sell its business to San Diego Car Rentals, Inc.
Rent-A-Wreck ultimately accepted the offer from MBFG, the terms of which Rent-A-Wreck believes are even more favorable to Rent-A-Wreck and its shareholders than the offer made by SDCR and others.