MBHOManaged Behavioral Healthcare Organization
MBHOMultiple Burr-Hole Operation (moyamoya disease)
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The dates of MBHO implementation spanned the decade, although a great deal of activity occurred early in the 1990s (see Table 1).
For many MH professionals the negative consequences of the advent of the MBHO have far outweighed the purported benefits.
However, this MBHO served a wide range of employers and workforces, and is similar to many other external MBHO EAP providers in key ways.
The state encouraged this firm to form an alliance with existing CMHCs, which the study termed the MBHO.
In turn, the MBHO "treats" these patients not by counseling or psychotherapy, but by prescribing medications, which contractually are then charged back to the physical care company.
The MBHO accreditation will look at screening programs--ensuring that patients are screened adequately and then properly treated for behavioral health problems.
At this time, the plan contracted with an MBHO, hereafter referred to as the vendor, to manage and insure all outpatient and inpatient mental health services for the plan's 26,000 point of service (POS) enrollees.
NCQA Accreditation is a nationally recognized evaluation that purchasers, regulators and consumers frequently use to assess the quality of MBHOs.
But ultimately, according to the waiver, it will be full risk-based, and then later move to an MBHO.
The other three MHASAs followed the MBHO model (one is a single CMHC and two are alliances of three and four CMHCs, respectively).
NCQA's MBHO Accreditation Program provides consumers, employers and others with information about the quality of managed behavioral healthcare organizations.