MBIEMixed-Bed Ion Exchange
MBIEMaster of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MBIEMuller Boundary Integral Equation
MBIEMember of The British Institute of Embalmers
MBIEMember of Botswana Institute of Engineers
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The MBIE contract was awarded to Unisys as a result of a competitive tender process.
Respondents' MBIE subscale scores (Maslach, 1996) MBIE subscale Level score ranges Low Medium High Emotional exhaustion 0 to 16 17 to 26 27 or over Depersonalisation 0 to 8 9 to 13 14 or over Personal accomplishment 37 or over 31 to 36 0 to 30 MBIE subscale Respondents' mean score Emotional exhaustion 17.
In 2013, MBIE removed all but four of the 12 nursing categories, leaving only aged care, critical care and emergency, medical and perioperative nurses.
WorkSafe NZ and MBIE have adopted the Safe Work Australia definition of workplace bullying: "Workplace bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety.
Simon Lawrence, MBIE manager of resources said, New Zealand currently had only one producing petroleum basin in Taranaki.