MBISTMemory Built-in Self Test
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MBIST in Blast DFT is one of the technologies resulting from Magma's Cobra development that was announced on April 4.
With built-in repair analysis, Blast DFT's MBIST supports multiple dimensions of redundancy, such as row and column, and can be deployed for hard, soft or composite repair strategies.
Mentor Graphics is a registered trademark and BSDArchitect, DFTAdvisor, DFTInsight, EDT, FastScan, MBIST Full-Speed, MBISTArchitect and MBIST Flex are trademarks of Mentor Graphics Corporation.
The MBIST Flex(TM) feature offers users the ability to implement custom algorithms to help enable even the detection of subtle defects that can elude conventional test techniques.
Its unique at-speed operation, MBIST Full-Speed(TM), enables the tool to run the Artisan-recommended memory tests at-speed.
The comprehensive detection techniques offered by the MBIST Full-Speed(TM) feature, the MBISTArchitect tool's at-speed testing capability, in combination with the versatile memory test algorithms, including the MBIST Flex(TM) user-definable algorithm feature, ensure subtle defects are identified and corrected by replacing them with redundant cells.
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