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The MBMD Head, Mira Radeva, explained the increased interest of Bulgarians towards the environment with the strong presence of the topic in the media and the fact that it is trendy to think ecologically.
According to MBMD, if turnout is 35 per cent GERB will get between five and six seats, BSP between four and five, the MRF three four, Ataka one or two and the Blue Coalition one.
Two-thirds of Bulgarians think that the work of the present GERB cabinet is no better than that of the previous three-way coalition, according to an opinion study by the MBMD agency.
This is shown by the findings of our latest poll," declared the guest of PR Thursday Mira Yanova, head of the MBMD sociological research agency.
The public opinion poll of the MBMD agency has found that all other political parties have public ratings of about 2%-3% with the exception of the ethnic Turkish party DPS (Movement for Rights and Freedoms), which is in the 6%-7% range.
In early May, a poll of another agency, MBMD, showed for the first time that Tsvetanov surpassed Borisov in popularity with 60% vs.
A week ago, a public opinion poll of the MBMD agency made headlines as it indicated that Tsvetanov had a public rating of 60%, while Borisov keeps his popularity stable at 56%.
Tsvetanov is said to have a public rating of 60%, while Borisov keeps his popularity stable at 56%, the public opinion poll of the MBMD agency shows.
It is polling at 36 percent in April down from 43 percent in March, the MBMD polling agency reported.
Apparently, the Bulgarian society has been waiting for a long time to see in power a party which is working to fight organized crime," said Miroslava Radeva, Director of MBMD.
A survey of the MBMD agency has shown that almost 30% are strongly opposed to the motion, while 15,2% are strongly in favor.
The results were presented for the first time Thursday by Mira Radeva, Director of the Institute for Marketing and Social Research, MBMD.