MBMRMath-Based Metal Removal (machining simulation software)
MBMRMoreton Bay Model Railways (Australia)
MBMRMaster Builder Master Remodelor Program (Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders; Alabama)
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Automotive and auto-parts manufacturer and distributor MBMR could potentially see a number of key catalysts driving sales and earnings higher moving forward.
Similar to Campbell and Fiske's MTMM, the basic logic behind the MBMR method deals mainly with convergent and discriminant validity.
The MBMR method is a validational process utilizing a matrix of intercorrelations among tests representing at least two behaviors, each measured by at least two raters.
Such an idiographic approach using an MBMR method has not been widely used among researchers due mainly to time and cost constraints.
The idiographic approach and MBMR method can lead to the better understanding of what entrepreneurs really do in their day-to-day activities.
The MBMR method can analyze both reliability and validity.
The two major dimensions of the MBMR validity assessment would be convergent and discriminant validities.
Further understanding of the MBMR validity analysis can be illustrated in Table 1.