MBOAMultiband OFDM Alliance
MBOAManitoba Building Officials Association
MBOAMaryland Building Officials Association
MBOAMatthews Boat Owners Association
MBOAMulti-Objective Bayesian Optimization Algorithm
MBOAMr. Bass of Arkansas
MBOAMayor and Board of Aldermen
MBOAMacungie Business Owner's Association
MBOAMunicipal Band of Allentown (Allentown, PA)
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The cause of action in Hislop was a continuing one running from April 17, 1985, to the equal treatment of same-sex survivors under the MBOA in 2001, notwithstanding the result that benefits were only instated to 1999.
It is presumably open to the federal government to revoke the MBOA and contest the constitutionality of its new policy before the courts, even if this path leads to an opposed Supreme Court (but then who can predict when another "substantial change in law" might occur?
Focused on mass commercial deployment, TRDA and Wisair have been developing UWB modules to enable Consumer Electronic (CE) manufacturers to rapidly deploy UWB applications, based on the widely acknowledged MBOA standards.
Most development kits released to our customers signify a forthcoming UWB-based product, compliant with MBOA standards.
We are constantly asked if we are a MBOA or DS-UWB technology," states John Santhoff, Pulse~LINK Founder and Chief Technology Officer.
The Alliance continues to gain industry momentum and prepares to release the first version of the MBOA physical (PHY) layer specification, followed by a series of specifications and application profiles that rely on the PHY layer.
We are pleased to see such an overwhelming response to our technology advancements by such high profile companies, said David Yaish, President and CEO, Wisair, "Clearly the recognition of Wisair's UWB technology by the industry leaders is a show of confidence in the potential of the company's UWB technology, in the UWB market and in the MBOA standards.
The WiMedia Alliance plans to release the first version of the MBOA physical (PHY) layer specification in the second quarter of 2005.
With more years of experience in UWB than any other MBOA member, and the only company with working silicon at 480MBps, we were confident that the FCC would correctly conclude that the MBOA OFDM waveform presents lower potential for interference than the current rules.
Lively, interactive venues will be provided by CCNC 2005 Technology Application Panels on "The Future of Gaming," "The Automobile as a Network Interface," "End-User Needs in Communications and Networking," "Home Networks - Implementation and Standards," "Mesh and Peer to Peer Networking Technologies," "The Future of Content Distribution," and "The Emerging Markets Based on MBOA UWB Including Development in Wireless USB and Wireless 1394.