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MBOCA4,4'-Methylenebis (2-Chloroaniline)
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Workers may inhale MBOCA in small particles in the air or absorb it through the skin during contact with MBOCA dust or vapor.
The manufacturing of MBOCA includes the reaction, neutralization, washing, purification, and packing processes.
An area sampling program to monitor MBOCA levels in the work environment of this MBOCA manufacturing factory was initiated by the Taiwan Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Council of Labor Affairs (IOSH 2003a).
The concentration of MBOCA was highest in the purification area (0.
These prepolymers have been shown to be dynamically superior to conventional prepolymers when MBOCA is the crosslinker (ref.
In general, however, the best overall result is obtained at a 95% cure ratio and a cure schedule of 48 hours at 130[degrees]C, which is a departure from the conditions commonly used with MBOCA cured elastomers.
Unfortunately, a direct comparison with MBOCA cured elastomers was not possible and it is difficult to say if the result is a real effect of MCDEA or an artifact of the test.
Conacure AH-33: MBOCA polyol curative, having an equivalent weight of 280.
Conacure AH-33: MBOCA, polyol curative, having an equivalent weight of 280.