MBODMinority Business Opportunity Day
MBODMedical Bureau for Occupational Diseases (Department of Health; South Africa)
MBODThousand Barrels of Oil per Day
MBODMolecular Basis of Disease (university course)
MBODMy Board of Directors (Kingston. ON, Canada business networking group)
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Had they met under different circumstances, neither of these young persons would have been likely to bestow much thought upon the other, unless, indeed, their extreme dissimilarity should have proved a principle of mutual attraction.
As the frugal farmer takes care that his cattle shall eat down the rowen, and swine shall eat the waste of his house, and poultry shall pick the crumbs,--so our economical mother dispatches a new genius and habit of mind into every district and condition of existence, plants an eye wherever a new ray of light can fall, and gathering up into some man every property in the universe, establishes thousandfold occult mutual attractions among her offspring, that all this wash and waste of power may be imparted and exchanged.
MBOD 2009 - one of the largest events of its kind in the western United States -- will be held from 7 a.
Last year's event attracted nearly 1,000 corporate representatives and minority suppliers and MBOD 2007 promises to be just as successful, according to John W.
To register, download the MBOD 2006 registration form at www.
It is apparent that MBOD achieves its objectives, judging from the number of corporate participants returning each year, and the number of new corporations and minority businesses who are participating this year," he adds.
This year's theme is 'Connecting Today for Business Tomorrow,' and that's the goal of MBOD -- to help provide connections between minority businesses and corporations so they can grow and prosper," according to John W.
This year, new major companies sponsoring MBOD 2004 or attending are Nissan North America, K-Mart, Nextel Communications, and Orange County Transportation Authority.
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