MBOEMillion Barrels of Oil Equivalent
MBOEThousands of Barrels of Oil Equivalent
MBOEMaster of Business Operational Excellence (degree program)
MBOEMilford Board of Education
MBOEManasquan Board of Education (Manasquan, NJ)
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0 MBOE of Extensions and Discoveries include newly identified behind-pipe opportunities at the Cato and Panhandle Properties.
At our Cato field, Cano added approximately 2,623 MBOE of new reserves in extensions and discoveries, and converted approximately 1,181 MBOE of PUD to PDP.
Based on the reserve report prepared by independent engineers dated July 1, 2006, we had estimated total proved reserves of 45,385 MBOE of which 9,350 MBOE were proved producing reserves.
For the first half of 2006, Toreador's oil and gas production was approximately 341 MBOE compared to 303 MBOE for the first half of 2005.