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MBONEMulticast Backbone
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Today's communication between physicians relied on MBone, or IP Multicast Backbone technology, which allows for real-time communication and simultaneous sharing of information, including images and photos, medical records and other graphics.
Precept's IP/TV is the only commercially available PC-based video networking software to be fully compatible with underlying MBone data-transmission and compression technology, allowing users to view the growing array of MBone multimedia programming available.
BaySecure FireWall-1 will support more than 120 integrated Internet services, including secure Web browsers, the standard set of Internet applications (FTP, Telnet and mail), the entire UDP family, and Mbone.
Ken Hopper, a staff member with Academic Computing Services at the University of Chicago, adds, "Over the past two years our group has been evaluating various videoconferencing applications, including high-performance ATM network-based products, Internet-based MBONE solutions, and narrow bandwidth technologies such as CineVideo/Direct.
Real Time Protocol (RTP) has been added to the framework to increase bandwidth control, audio prioritization and provide Mbone compatibility.
Demonstrations of multicast over the MBONE using StreamWorks, such as those now underway at Telecom Finland, display the potential for the delivery of rich audio/video content to large, global audiences.
MBone is the Internet Multicast Backbone, a worldwide collection of networks which communicates using multicast protocols for efficient delivery of multimedia data streams.
The signing and videoconference will be transmitted on the Internet's MBONE (Multicast Backbone).