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MBPMyelin Basic Protein
MBPMacbook Pro (Apple notebook computer)
MBPMechanical Breakdown Protection
MBPMaltose Binding Protein
MBPMajor Basic Protein
MBPMannose Binding Protein
MBPMaintenance Bypass (panel; electronics)
MBPMunchausen By Proxy
MBPMillion Book Project
MBPMassachusetts Bays Program
MBPMerchant Banking Partners
MBPMan Bear Pig (South Park cartoon)
MBPMetal Binding Protein
MBPMolluscan Broodstock Program (Newport, OR; est. 1996)
MBPMolecular Biology of Plants
MBPMarquette Branch Prison (Michigan Department of Corrections)
MBPMaster Buy Plan
MBPMexican Brown Pride
MBPMiniBusPlus Limited (UK minibus insurance)
MBPmajor binding protein
MBPMicrostrip Beam Probe
MBPMonthly Basic Pay
MBPMain Booster Pump
MBP(Network) Management at Boundary Point
MBPMonthly Bonus Prizes
MBPManagement By Plan
MBPMovable Boundary Protocol
MBPMethodologies and Best Practices
MBPMark Burnett Productions (Los Angeles, CA)
MBPMusic Business Program
MBPMiejska Biblioteka Publiczna (Polish: City Public Library)
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This study was devised to compare the SF and CF in the estimation of MBP after bouts of exercise at different intensities.
Although further studies can be planned to find out the rationale behind the greater reduction in DBP from 4th week onward and in SBP and MBP for the period between 4th and 12th week with telmisartan than ramipril.
The objectives of this study were to quantify the dynamics of MBC and MBP related to extractable C and P under frequent DRW cycles.
MBP levels do not increase in early period of stroke cases.
There will no leakage or zero leakage at MBP stations in Multan in case of rain, he claimed.
Bar Graph 6: Mbp Values at Varied Intervals Groups MBP OMAI MBP IAI MBP 5MAI MBP 10MAI BASE BASE BASE BASE PRIMING 13.
If a mohel is found, by a DNA match, to have infected an infant with herpes, he will be banned for life from performing MBP by the health department, officials said.
Noted appellate attorney Nathan Lewin, who has successfully argued many freedom of religion cases for the Orthodox and haredi communities, recently told the haredi news website Vos Iz Neias (VIN) that he turned down the MBP case because it is "not unreasonable, even in the area of religious observance, for the city to require parents to sign a form that says that their eight-day-old baby can have this controversial procedure performed .
This study aimed to investigate the effects of different cropping systems on soil MBC, MBN and MBP contents and enzymes activities in the soil occurring in this area.
MBP, a procedure practiced by some ultra-Orthodox mohels, involves orally sucking away the blood from the infant's genital area after cutting off his foreskin during the bris, or ritual circumcision.
The MBP investigated a dozen additional complaints, issued four advisory letters and reprimands, and entered into a consent agreement with NECC to resolve numerous problems related to the misfiling of prescriptions and problems with drug potency and sterility that had previously led to patient infections.
Although MBP has been around since the 1930s, a growing body of data suggest that, with rare exception, gynecologists can eliminate routine use of preoperative MBP from their practice.