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MBPMyelin Basic Protein
MBPMacbook Pro (Apple notebook computer)
MBPMechanical Breakdown Protection
MBPMaltose Binding Protein
MBPMajor Basic Protein
MBPMannose Binding Protein
MBPMaintenance Bypass (panel; electronics)
MBPMunchausen By Proxy
MBPMillion Book Project
MBPMassachusetts Bays Program
MBPMerchant Banking Partners
MBPMan Bear Pig (South Park cartoon)
MBPMetal Binding Protein
MBPMolluscan Broodstock Program (Newport, OR; est. 1996)
MBPMolecular Biology of Plants
MBPMarquette Branch Prison (Michigan Department of Corrections)
MBPMaster Buy Plan
MBPMexican Brown Pride
MBPMiniBusPlus Limited (UK minibus insurance)
MBPmajor binding protein
MBPMicrostrip Beam Probe
MBPMonthly Basic Pay
MBPMain Booster Pump
MBP(Network) Management at Boundary Point
MBPMonthly Bonus Prizes
MBPManagement By Plan
MBPMovable Boundary Protocol
MBPMethodologies and Best Practices
MBPMark Burnett Productions (Los Angeles, CA)
MBPMusic Business Program
MBPMiejska Biblioteka Publiczna (Polish: City Public Library)
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The esclalators and elevators used in MBP Stations, were made up of western Europe, he said and added that the stations had been made keeping in view hot weather conditions of Multan.
However, the NASDAQ letters also state that, if the Company does not regain compliance with the MBP Rule by February 16, 2016 or the MVLS Rule or the MVPHS Rule by February 9, 2016, the Company will receive written notification from NASDAQ that the Company's securities are subject to delisting.
To then see what MBP would do once it got to the brain, Daniell and colleagues exposed the CTB-MBP protein to the brains of mice bred to have an Alzheimer's disease.
After years in which haredi rabbinic leaders promised to self-regulate and didn't, New York City instituted a requirement that parents sign an informed consent document before MBP is done on their baby Haredi rabbinic leaders responded with outrage, labeling Bloomberg everything from a Nazi to a self-hating Jew.
The MBP investigated a dozen additional complaints, issued four advisory letters and reprimands, and entered into a consent agreement with NECC to resolve numerous problems related to the misfiling of prescriptions and problems with drug potency and sterility that had previously led to patient infections.
Given the paucity of available data in the literature, we investigated in this study the CSF concentrations of MBP, GFAP, S100B, and NSE in acute ischemic stroke and their relation to initial stroke severity, stroke location, and long-term stroke outcome.
In contrast, MBP had no effect on granulosa cell aromatase message or protein levels, consistent with earlier studies demonstrating that MBP had no effect on granulosa cell estradiol production.
MBP is a component of the myelin sheath, and in MS this protein is targeted by MBP-specific active T cells.
The metabolites measured are monoethyl phthalate (MEP), MBP, MBzP, mono-n-octyl phthalate, MEHP, and mono-3-methyl-5-dimethylhexyl phthalate (monoisononyl, MINP).
MBP revolutionized television with hits such as Eco-Challenge, Survivor, The Apprentice, The Contender, Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Supernova.
MBP revolutionized television with hits such as "Survivor" (CBS), "The Apprentice" (NBC), "The Contender" (ESPN), "Rock Star" (CBS), the Steven Spielberg co-production "On The Lot" (FOX), the smash hit "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
Prenatal CPF administration on gestational days (GDs) 17-20 elicited an immediate (GD21) enhancement of MBP and NF68; by postnatal day (PN) 30, however, there were deficits in all three biomarkers, with the effect restricted to females.