MBPCMassachusetts Budget and Policy Center
MBPCMemory and Behavior Problems Checklist
MBPCMinority Business Plan Competition (Philadelphia, PA)
MBPCMarine Biodiversity Processing Center (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County; California)
MBPCMahone Bay Plycraft Company (Nova Scotia, Canada)
MBPCMetal-Backed Patellar Component (knees)
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Grimly, the MBPC report reveals the state of Massachusetts spent a meager 3.
With the use of the approach by Haley, Levine, Brown, and Bartolucci (1987), for each item on the ADL, IADL, and MBPC for which caregivers reported a disability, husbands were asked to rate their personal appraisal of the stressfulness of that problem.
With an emphasis on the impact of notebook-data bundling on the operators' performance, the analysis leverages data from our unique Mobile Broadband PC Survey -- henceforth referred to as the MBPC Survey -- conducted by Pyramid Research in partnership with the GSM Association and Microsoft in the summer of 2007.