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MBqMegabecquerel (SI)
MBQMohawks of the Bay of Quinte (Ontario, Canada)
MBQMerchant Bar Quality (steel)
MBQMuhammad Bin Qasim (Pakistani general)
MBQMetal Boat Quarterly
MBQMcBurger Queen (comic)
MBQMessage-Based Queuing
MBQModified Biquinary Code
MBQMinimum Base Quantity (inventory/sourcing)
MBQminimum batch quantity
MBQModern Breakfast Quartet (band)
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Thus, technically, MBQ is less sensitive to TRLs, but the postprandial physiologic reduction in LDL-C remains a problem in interpreting results.
52 mmol/L (400 mg/dL), whereas MBQ and DA had complete measurements (see Supplemental Data, which accompany the online version of this article at http://www.
When a descendant of one of the MBQ people who fought for the British side wrongfully alienated 827 acres in 1837, a fact acknowledged by the department of Indian Affairs in 2003, negotiations began.
That's perfectly exemplified by our recent study on the economic impact of the craft brewing industry in Montana described in this quarter's issue of the MBQ.
John Scheel, ALJ's CEO and a principal of Pinnacle Steel, LLC added, "It has been extremely gratifying to have taken a mill that was closed, re-open it and make it into a world class provider of SBQ and MBQ steel products.
Register now fill out the registration form in the front of the MBQ and mail it to the BBER.
Moderate to high fire hazard conditions still exist across most of Montana's forestland, but dealing with this hazard in an ecologically sound manner has the potential to create economic benefits for Montana's wood products industry, forestland owners, and the thousands of other Montanans who rely on our forests for recreation and tourism-related income (see MBQ previous article, pages 2-7).
Both MBQ and SBQ product pricing in the 2011 quarter were up about 7% due solely to scrap prices, which were at the highest level ever for a December.
Look for profiles of the other six Montana reservations in future issues of the MBQ.
About 34 other people--business owners, economic development and government types, and a curious MBQ reporter--from Montana and Idaho made the long trip to find out what Woodnet was and if it could work in Montana.
See article on "Bad Faith" in MBQ, Autumn 1991, for more on related court decisions.
The MBQS is a 90-item instrument which measures the quality of maternal behaviors during mother-infant interactions in the home.