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MBRMaster Boot Record
MBRMaster Bedroom (real estate)
MBRMinimum Bounding Rectangle
MBRMembrane Bio-Reactor (waste treatment)
MBRMemory-Based Reasoning (data mining)
MBRMicrowave Background Radiation
MBRMovimiento Bolivariano Revolucionario (Bolivarian Revolutionary Movement)
MBRMemory Buffer Register
MBRMaster Beneficiary Record (Social Security)
MBRMaya Biosphere Reserve
MBRMatchbook Romance (band)
MBRMinimum Bend Radius (fibre optics)
MBRMetal Bulletin Research
MBRMulti-Band Radio
MBRMaster Batch Record
MBRMonthly Business Review
MBRMelty Blood Re-Act (gaming)
MBRMigratory Bird Refuge (US FWS)
MBRMain Battle Rifle
MBRMars Balloon Relay
MBRMinimum Boundary Rectangle
MBRMulti-Brand Remote (remote control device)
MBRMaster Benefit Record
MBRMitochondrial Benzodiazepine Receptors (pharmacology)
MBRMusic Business Registry (music industry contact database)
MBRMultiple Bomb Rack
MBRMonthly Budget Report
MBRMedical Billing & Reimbursement
MBRMerit-Based Regulation
MBRMaryland Business Review (magazine)
MBRMechanical Buffer Register
MBRMinimal Backup Reprovisioning
MBRMain Board Room
MBRMember Mission Capable
MBRManagement Board Review
MBRMobile Binding Records
MBRMinimum Balance Remaining
MBRMaximum Bit Rate (computing)
MBRMissing Baggage Report (Airport Lost Luggage)
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The developer also has another community themed project at MBR City, in the form of the Riviera.
Kongsberg Seatex pointed out that MBR has already been installed on the surveillance aircraft LN-KYV, a joint initiative between the Coastal Administration, NOFO and the Norwegian Coast Guard.
The biomass concentration in a MBR plant treating domestic wastewater is normally 3-4 times higher as compared to conventional activated sludge (CAS) process [4].
Speaking to the project's contractors, consultants, and engineers during his visit, Lootah emphasised the importance of completing MBR Library within the specified timeframe.
This means that there are still a large number of computers out there that don't benefit from it and remain vulnerable to MBR attacks.
Cosmos Cafe & Catering LLC, Jamison Scott Rogayan MBR, $12,573.
For their part, Latinos enjoy shopping and continue to be excellent evaluators of the ratios of price to function, feature and performance value, MBR points out.
The package comprises pre-configured PAS-X with industry-specific content based on best practices, ready-to-use concepts and guidelines for the efficient creation and optimization of MBRs and first-hand PASX knowledge.
The key restraining factor of the MBR systems market is its high installation cost, along with membrane fouling within the system.
Two speakers (both psychiatrists), each defending one general position on the MBR (materialist or non-materialist), were coordinated by a chair (a psychiatrist) in a two-hour debate, including time for questions from the audience.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global MBR market to grow at a CAGR of 15.
Although MBR has many advantages, membrane fouling is still a major problem of the MBR operation, which results in more frequent membrane cleaning and higher operation and maintenance costs.