MBRPLDMohammed Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development (United Arab Emirates)
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Vince Cook, chief executive officer (CEO) of the NBF, said the MTP was developed by staff who had previous working experience with the MBRPLD.
Duke first became engaged with the Dubai Executive Office through the MBRPLD, which was designed and delivered by Duke Corporate Education.
Awadh Seghayer Al-Ketbi, CEO of MBRPLD said: "There is great potential for MBRCLD to be more actively involved in social initiatives that impact and help improve the lives of different members of the society.
Effective communication and self-awareness are critical aspects of leadership that should be thoroughly developed and we are pleased to have partnered with Duke in creating a new module that specifically targeted these key qualities,' stated Adel Al Shared, executive chairman of MBRPLD.
The launch of the 'Aligning people with your leadership vision' module will add a new dimension to the Government Leaders program as the module focuses on contemporary management and leadership techniques,' said Adel Al Shared, chief of MBRPLD.
MBRPLD is a leadership development programme designed to develop the professional expertise of prospective and incumbent leaders in the UAE.
The Promising Leaders Program is a level of MBRPLD that seeks to qualify young leaders through training programs and workshops in line with the strategic plans and aspirations of Dubai.
As in any other society, progress can only be achieved if the leaders themselves are committed and are fully equipped to meet the challenges of this enormous task," said Adel Al Sharid, CEO of MBRPLD.
As part of MBRPLD's mandate, we are focused on creating opportunities that will enable our program participants to meet and interact with high profile global leaders so as to help them benefit from the experience and knowledge of these eminent personalities," stated Adel Al Shared, chief of MBRPLD.
the programme helps participants evaluate themselves and in the process be able to develop their inner strength and character," said Adel Al Sharid, Director, MBRPLD.
MBRCLD also announced that aspiring leaders may submit their applications online through the MBRPLD website www.
MBRPLD has also incorporated a segment that helped participants strengthen their communication and conversation skills, particularly under difficult circumstances such as delivering tough messages wherein they have to manage their own emotions and deal with those who have a different point of view.