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MBSManchester Business School
MBSMedicare Benefits Schedule (Australia)
MBSMicrosoft Business Solutions
MBSMortgage-Backed Security
MBSMaximum Burst Size
MbsMegabits per Second
MBSModified Barium Swallow (diagnostic test)
MBSMind, Body and Spirit
MBSMutual Broadcasting System
MBSManagement Board Secretariat (Government of Ontario, Canada)
MBSMalawi Bureau of Standards (ISO correspondent member)
MBSMultibody Simulation (engineering)
MBSMobile Broadband System
MBSMobile Base Station
MBSMobile Remote Servicer Base System
MBSMaster Boot Sector
MBSMarge Brute Standard (French: Standard Gross Margin; farm profitibility)
MBSMoebius Syndrome
MBSMultiple Building Selection (Starcraft, real-time strategy game)
MBSMethodist Boys' School
MBSMennonite Biblical Seminary
MBSMountain Board Sports
MBSMolecular Bonded Shell (Knight Rider TV Show)
MBSMidland / Bay City / Saginaw, MI, USA - Tri-City Airport (Airport Code)
MBSManual Block System (railway)
MBSMotor Bus Society
MBSMaritime Buoyage System
MBSPolymethacrylate Butadiene Styrene
MBSMetal Boat Society
MBSMaster Business Systems, Ltd.
MBSMeatball Sub
MBSMad Bomber Society (Ska band)
MBSMain Bang Suppression
MBSMultiple Bird Syndrome
MBSModel-Based Sonification (cognitive interaction technology)
MBSMom Behind Shoulder
MBSMinimum Basis Set (wave function)
MBSMicroprocessor Based System
MBSMega Building Systems Ltd
MBSMission Base Staff
MBSMulti-Block Synchronization (ITU-T)
MBSMacross Broadcasting System (Mainichi Houzou)
MBSModular Boot System (footware configured for different temperate zones)
MBSMission Bit Stream
MBSMillions of Bytes per Second
MBSMeteor Burst Station
MBSMounted Battle Space
MBSMichigan State Button Society
MBSModel-Based Specification
MBSMicrobial Bioreactor Systems
MBSMessage Billing System
MBSMissionaries of the Blessed Sacrament (USA)
MBSManagement By Subscription
MBSMamut Business Software
MBSMedia Buying Services (various locations)
MBSMy Bottom Smarts (blog)
MBSMountain Brook Schools (Alabama)
MBSMelbourne Business School (Australia)
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DJ is also joining the institutional MBS sales group.
With Gemba, MBS has created a new blended learning model with 70 per cent face to face contact time to create a more personalised and intense learning and development experience alongside the rigorous academic programme.
There are hockey fans among MBS commissioners and employees who enjoy attending Spirit games.
We congratulate our new graduates who will now benefit from their world class business skills, as well as the global MBS alumni network.
MBS is distributing its products outside North America with the support of Alexander Herzog (HERZOG Services GmbH &Co.
Each of the responses to the 48 items of MBS was entered in 48 separate columns.
Sony's first-generation SAIT product (500 GB, 30 MBS native) was launched in 2003 and piqued user interest as the highest capacity tape solution available.
For taking the credit risk, the GSEs receive a guarantee fee, but the credit risk on the MBS is not very great, and the guarantee fees they receive do not add significantly to their bottom line.
A commercial PVC resin (Kanevinyl S-1007, P = 700), MBS resin and octyltin mercaptide stabilizer (1%) were mixed for 5 min on a heated roll at 160 [degrees] C, and made into a sheet of 1.
Since MBS and DIBS are to be phased out due to the possible formation of harmful N-nitrosamines (see above), only DCBS remains together with the recently introduced sulfenimide TBSI, which is compared with DCBS and TBBS in tables 8 and 9.
By collaborating with the teams at Microsoft, MBS Dev maintains a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics platform to provide innovative solutions, services and unparalleled value to Microsoft Dynamics customers.
As of September 30, 2015, the Company's agency MBS had a weighted average original cost of 105.