MBSFMonterey Bay Strawberry Festival (California)
MBSFMissionary Baptist Student Fellowship (University of Arkansas)
MBSFMonarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (Roseville, MN)
MBSFMonterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation (est. 1996; Monterey, CA)
MBSFMeters Below Sea Floor
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MBSF machines ('F' denoting film capability) consequently have a higher than standard festoon but with a short footprint.
The new Martin Automatic MBSF butt splicer significantly increased General Label's daily throughput and eliminated the waste generated by stopping the press for roll changes.
The Martin MBSF butt splicer features driven spindles and a low-tension capability to handle light films (typically 1 mil BOPP and PET) at speeds up to 1,000 fpm, matching the Comco's printing capability.
Just like the third RCS 330--also with 10 color units--the latest acquisition includes a Martin Automatic MBSF butt splicer and an LRD transfer rewind unit to handle 40" rolls at 500 feet per minute.
This piece of equipment was used along with the Martin Automatic MBSF butt splice on a Gallus RCS 330 10-color flexo/screen combination press.
Berson, a French converter, invested in two MBSF automatic non-stop unwinds and an automatic non-stop LRD rewind for Gallus EM 410 and Gallus RCS 330 presses.